Dialogue for Those Who Care: How to Sustain Community Involvement Around Current Events SURJ South County Presents at the Morgan Hill Library (MASKS REQUIRED) Monday June 13 6:30pm Free to the Public 660 W Main Avenue, Morgan Hill For more information email Jordan surjsouthcounty@gmail.com

          Recent events, such as the mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, raise fresh pain for marginalized communities who have and continue to suffer most significantly from the hostilities of racism, from large scale violence to every day microaggressions.
         Join SURJ South County for an honest dialogue inviting members of the community to explore strategies for showing up in a sustained manner to support our most vulnerable community members, who do this work often alone. Many of us have the resources, privilege and time to show up but need direction, focus and a reminder that making change requires all of us.
         Moderated by Carmen Brammer. Carmen is a political strategist and community advocate. She is passionate about improving the lives of neglected communities by exposing and breaking down social inequities and entrenched barriers. As the caregiver for her mom, she is committed to bringing visibility to the issues and much needed changes required within the long-term care industry. She is also an active member of local community based and grassroot organizations.
         SURJ South County is a group of local individuals mobilizing for racial justice.