Conference Schedule

10:00-10:45 Keynote Conversation: Youth Activist Panel/ Q&A


10:45- 11:00 Break (Raffle)


11:00-11:05 Entertainment: Folklorico performance:

              “Las estrellas de Esperanza“


11:05- 12:00 Breakout Session #1 

·       Intersection of Racial Justice & Queer Identity Panel 

·       Youth Justice Reform

·       Self-Care Workshop: A Tool to Cope with Racial Stress

·       Youth Activism in Action

           with the Watsonville Campesino Appreciation Caravan


        12:00- 12:30 Lunch Break/DJ Mario Escudero (Raffle)


12:35- 1:30   Breakout Session #2  

·       Microaggressions

·       History: Truth or Lies?

·       Writing About Identity 

·       White Privilege 


1:30-2:00  Closing/Raffle/Survey


Breakout Session #1


Intersection of Racial Justice & Queer Identity Panel

Wilbur Hurley & Eroxai Cisneros

Wilbur will discuss Racial Justice amongst BIPOC, its financial and social impact, and the effect it has on a community (physical and community identity). Eroxai Cisneros will review the access disparities that exist for trans folks and how those disparities are attempting to be addressed by the work of the GHC, and other local groups and organizations.


Youth Justice Reform with Isabel Santos, CARAS

Our workshop is based on the issues youth face today. Some topics we will be talking about are: racial disparity, LGBTQ, youth incarceration, and gender bias.


Self-Care Workshop: A Tool to Cope With Racial Stress

Tenee Brown

The following workshop will provide you with knowledge on how racial stress may be impacting you as well as helping you learn to identify what racial stress/ general stress looks and feels like. The workshop will also provide you with clear self-care strategies to help cope with all forms of stress.


Youth Activism in Action with Watsonville Campesino Appreciation Caravan Amaranta Rios, Valentina Velasquez

Come learn about the Watsonville Campesino Appreciation Caravan! Join this session to learn about the work a group of individuals has done to bring much-needed and much-deserved supplies, information, food, and appreciation to farmworkers in Watsonville, Las Lomas, and Moss Landing. WCAC is a grassroots nonprofit organization, working to appreciate farmworkers and inform them on health safety regarding COVID19 and resources that are available to them in the Watsonville community.


Breakout Session #2


Micro-Aggressions with Courtney Mangus, CAIR

Learn how to effectively intervene when you witness a microaggression. Participants in this training will gain the tools to identify a microaggression and will learn how to challenge, confront, and question a microaggression while being a thoughtful and proactive ally to those impacted.


History: Truth or Lies? with Kathy Chavez Napoli

Knowing what we know today, how can we or should we tell history today? Would the story be the same or told differently depending upon who is telling it? Is it too late to change history? Kathy Chavez Napoli will address these questions and more to help us look accurately at our history in a way that helps us to recognize truths and lies. She will also discuss how to preserve culture, heritage, traditions and language in “American” culture.

Writing About Identity with Kulvinder Arora & Anushka Singh

Each one of us has a unique set of identities that we may or may not talk about and which may not be obvious just by looking at us. From our racial and ethnic background, gender expression, to religious or spiritual faiths. You may be an artist, activist, healer, scientist, and so many more facets that make up who you are. Identity is critical to how we feel about ourselves, behave in relationship to others, and interact with the world. This workshop will give youth an opportunity to write about your identity and express those facets of yourself in a guided and supportive way. Participating teens will have the possibility of being published in an anthology produced by Literary Legacies.


White Privilege with SURJ Sacred Heart

Peter Paris, Alex Tuteur, Diana Rendler

This workshop helps white people and others learn about and address the privilege they have been granted by our society and provides ideas about how to use that privilege to help end racism in the United States.

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